Wo Hop – 05.30.2007

Wo Hop – 05.30.2007

Thursday, June 28, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Wo Hop
15 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013

The Scene
Wo Hop’s fluorescent-and-linoleum grotto is pure time-machine New York. Droll blue-jacketed waiters dispense schtick and fortune cookies to tables of raucous eaters, while streams of New York’s finest line up for takeout. Glossy photos of unknown “celebrities” adorn the back wall. – Citysearch

I used to always eat at Wo Hop during my partying years…but after that died down I haven’t been there for a min. Last month, my I went out for dinner at Wo Hop with my mom, cousins and uncle, apparently its my uncles fave spot to eat crab! Its great to be “reminded” of this spot b/c it def is a good spot for dinner, now its going to be one of my regular go-to’s for dinner! The crab is AMAZING there, all the other food is great too…the prices are cheap and servings are big, bring your fam! They also have my FAVE red bean soup for dessert (free of charge), luvs it! I also went back with my parents and B for Father’s Day…oh so yummy! Sorry don’t know the exact names of the dishes, but if you want it bring pictures! Peep the dinner after the jump…

Snails for appetizer

Crabs with Minced Pork – amazing!!


some seafood dish



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