retrogurl’s Kickz Collection Finally Completed!

retrogurl’s Kickz Collection Finally Completed!

Friday, June 22, 2007 by Wendy Lam

DC Shoes x KAWS

Finally my kickz collection is fully updated…its almost complete…with miscellaneous shoes missing from here and there hahah. I’ll get it together one day, for sure…it’s growing continuously also! Most of the pics were taking from years ago, once upon a time, a very long time ago I decided to photograph all my shoes (all the ones with the wood background and box under) and I kept them till now to post haha. A lot of shoes I almost forgot about, especially these DC Shoes x KAWS…I never even worn them, perhaps this weekend. I invite you to enter my warehouse haha…enjoy!

If you guys have a collection going on, I’m curious to see how it looks too…mind to share?

> Peep My Kickz Collection


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