New Diesel Handbags

New Diesel Handbags

Thursday, June 21, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Brown Leather Bag | Rose on Fire

Back in the days I used to sweat Diesel, especially their jeans…they were very different. Everyone used to talk about how exclusive and unique their jeans were, hell they even opened up a Denim Gallery that sells limited edition jeans that were numbered. But nowadays nothing really intrigues me to buy from them, do you feel the same? 

How do you feel about these two new handbags? The brown leather one costs about $750 and the gold one is called ‘Rose on Fire’ which is special order only and costs about $650. The bags remind me Dior…especial the ‘Rose on Fire’ it looks exactly like the large Dior Detective Bags! I’m not too crazy about them, do you like them?

Brown Leather Bag, about $750

Rose on Fire – special order, about $650


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