Very Bitten…

Very Bitten…

Friday, June 8, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Steve & Barry’s – Bitten by SJP | 06.07.2007 @ 5:30PM

After work I decided to check out Bitten at Steve & Barry’s (my first time inside the store) at Manhattan Mall thinking the crowd would of died down already. Silly me, as I approached the store I was thinking it didn’t look so bad but when I got deeper inside I saw the line to pay, goddam…it was never ending, it was like an avenue long lol! I looked around the store and didn’t see the “Fashion is not a luxury” tee that SJP was wearing so I roamed around and was intimidated by the mess and how much Bitten merchandise there were! I picked up a few items and decided not to try them since theres a ONE YEAR return policy (isn’t that great?), took them home and dumped them in my pile. Haven’t tried anything yet, perhaps tonight…depending on my mood haha. Peep the pics after the jump…

billboards all over Manhattan Mall and inside Steve & Barry’s

bought the black dress

bought the button down shirt in the lighter blue

$9.98 – I bought a pair in red and black

are you ready to pay? damn check the line its like an avenue long…no JOKE!


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