Nike Starts Project: Classified Secret Society

Nike Starts Project: Classified Secret Society

Thursday, June 7, 2007 by Wendy Lam

A Project: Classified event

Nowadays, everything is about exclusivity and limited by numbers and Nike is known to produce freshness but I seriously never saw this coming, then again they’re very unpredictable. Project: Classified founded by Nike last year, an invitation-only “secret society” adopted for the fitness community consisting of about 100 New York women. Which 100 women were chosen? No word on who and how they were chosen but I would assume they must be important people that can influence others. Since last April, there have been five top-secret fitness classes already, each with a well-know instructor – from Ary Nunez to Stacey Lei Krauss and in spaces from the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank (a metaphor for the levels of access and security that conceal something valuable) to the Union Square Ballroom (a subterranean location representing an underground temple) to the Soho House Roof Deck (an exclusive club in its own right).

The “chosen” women learn ancient fighting techniques to yoga, the next event is expected to be in July or August and in the meantime only in New York. Project: Classified is as exclusive as it can get, Nike compares with a place on the Birkin bag wait list. I’m curious to learn about this some more…

“Project: Classified seeks out the experts in their fields, the most sought-after instructors across the country,” according to Nike. “Project: Classified swarms in, permeates a space and then leaves. The venues are unexpected, readapted, overtaken.”

The swarming image is reinforced by Project: Classified’s cicada logo, which is featured on the invitations and at each event. “Heard but rarely seen,” cicadas symbolize “rebirth and renewal, casting off the old and transcending into something new” — what Nike hopes its fitness challenge will enable its chosen members to do. via WWD


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