H&M Luv #68 – 05.25.2007

H&M Luv #68 – 05.25.2007

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Location: H&M @ 51st Street / 5th Ave | Shopping Date: 05.25.2007 *H&M 25% Friends & Family*

How I can miss the chance to save 25% off all my goods at H&M, I went and spent a good amount of money and had to drag my bags home haha (kidding). But for reals my arms was about to fall off, I shouldn’t be shopping but I couldn’t resist, tons of new stuff out since I don’t go shopping at H&M everyday anymore. H&M has just released their Kylie loves H&M collection on May 24th so I bought a few things from that collection, sunglasses, silver turban and a jumper. They also released silver leggings, like the ones from American Apparel, I bought one just for fun. I also went and abused the 25% off on Saturday, pics forthcoming…Peep the goods after the jump…


Kylies loves H&M Sunglasses – $24.90 each


looks so similar to the Libertine for Target shirt-dress

$59.90 – decided to buy it since i got 25% off from friends & family haha


cute dress but it looked like an apron on me hahah

nice…if i was 10lbs skinnier…

luv’d this so much but it was super tight even in size 6…and there was no size 8s left…gave it to Carla hahaha


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