H&M July/August & Fall/Winter ’07 Items

H&M July/August & Fall/Winter ’07 Items

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Photography: H&M / Kurier

I’m quite excited to see what’s new at H&M before it actually hits the stores, after seeing this preview I know I’ll be coppin’ quite a few pieces (well I always do haha). It seems like a long way till July since Summer have just started for us New Yorkers. I can’t imagine rocking’ long sleeve shirts and jackets at the moment but July is actually just around the corner and I need to start closet dieting to fit the next round of clothes haha. Lots of grey in this collection and indeed very Marc Jacobs…but I ain’t hatin’, love it all. H&M is known for their “fast fashion” and getting what’s hot on the runways on shelves very quickly and that’s something I def appreciate. Are you guys excited? Peep the images after the jump…

All images with models were obtained from Kurier, all other images tagged are from H&M


YOUNG (girls)

I think the leather jackets are for YOUNG, not sure but they are damn cute!


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