Gimme Some Marc Jacobs Python!

Gimme Some Marc Jacobs Python!

Monday, May 21, 2007 by Wendy Lam

I personally am scared of snakes (when they’re alive) but when it comes to exotic skin handbags and shoes, that’s my weakness. Though I can’t afford one at the moment, they’re so luscious to look at! I absolutely adore python skin, they’re soooooo beautiful…check out these Marc Jacobs python skin shoes with crystal heels, they’re sooooooo HOT! For about $1100 they can be yours haha, too bad I don’t have extra loot like that to spend, that python Stam bag is soooo fierce too…it costs about $5000. For a more low-key look, that white pair with the big crystals is hotness too…it costs about $730. I need to work harder, I want an exotic skin handbag. Photography: ???


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