DHL SUCKS! Don’t EVER Use Their Service!

DHL SUCKS! Don’t EVER Use Their Service!

Monday, May 21, 2007 by Wendy Lam

I am so pissed, I’m already sick in bed today and when I found out that my dad’s DHL package that was sent to B’s crib got stolen I was about to KILL SOMEONE! My dad’s radio/GPS repair was sent back to me via DHL (had no idea they used them) and no one would think they didn’t require a signature confirmation. B was home and no one rang the bell, the package was left open with the radio stolen and the box lying on the front porch! Hmm…who could it be? Anyone can visualize that the DHL person STOLE IT! Called up DHL complaining and they said they are not responsible, if it is a residence they do not require a signature confirmation…WTF kinda policy is this? This is NYC, not no suburb where everyone is friends with each and there is crime very lil crime…haha of course the DHL person KNOWS all this…so might as well steal my $2000 radio/GPS! I’m so damn pissed, I can’t wait till I call up the radio repair company and complain…they freaking either replace the same radio or refund me…if they’re smart they would of bought insurance! I’m so madddddddd…anyone have bad experience like me? I swear DON’T EVER USE THEIR SERVICE!!!!


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