H&M Luv #63 – 04.27.2007

H&M Luv #63 – 04.27.2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Location: H&M @ 51st Street / 5th Ave | Shopping Date: 04.27.2007

More H&M shopping posts for those that are grateful and appreciative! Thanks for all the support, I luv you guys, even though these posts may be a few weeks back that DOES NOT mean that its not still in stores. I go there and I still see stock from a few months back, they sell out and most likely replenish…so shop on and have fun! I do this for you guys I don’t ask for anything back! I’m sorry once again I can’t remember the prices, if anyone knows holla! Peep the pics after the jump…


also comes in green and pink

also comes in white, electric blue…and I believe others, can’t remember exactly

also comes in a mustard yellow


cute sunglasses cases…but its a bit big…


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