Alias Restaurant – 04.21.2007 *Brunch*

Alias Restaurant – 04.21.2007 *Brunch*

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Alias Restaurant
76 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002

The Scene
On a block where manicure parlors seem to outnumber residents, this pristinely designed trendy restaurant stands as one of its more startling anomalies. Curious teenagers, drawn by the kaleidoscopic signage and sleek looks, stare through the windows. – Citysearch

The outside of Alias definitely doesn’t match up to the inside, I always past by when I go TO ALIFE. Never did I want to step inside b/c it doesn’t look too appealing outside, but a few weeks back when I attempted to brunch at Clinton Street Baking it was 1.5 hours wait and I was starving so we came to Alias instead. To my surprise the inside looked very clean and neat def feels like I stepped into another world hahah (well not that serious). The people were nice and after we sat for a few mins it became really packed, we enjoyed our food and this once again taught me a lesson, never to judge a book by its cover haha. B dreams about the BUTTERED CORN MEAL WAFFLES with fried chicken every weekend haha, it was pretty good, perhaps we’ll go there this weekend for brunch! Peep the brunch after the jump…

French Fries

me: STEAK & EGGS Grilled hanger steak, two eggs any style, bisuit, root vegetable hash, $13 – this was decent, i had better

B: BUTTERED CORN MEAL WAFFLES with fried chicken, $9 – this was so good…B dreams about it every week haha!


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