Kate Moss Topshop Available Online @ Barneys

Kate Moss Topshop Available Online @ Barneys

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Kate Moss Topshop finally hit Barneyscoop.com, were you one of the lucky fashionistas to get thru to get a piece of Moss? Just like Topshop, Barneys has the same restriction: Due to incredible demand for this collection, customers are restricted to 5 total units of Kate Moss Topshop products. Orders exceeding this limit will be canceled. And trust me they are serious, I’ve heard people’s orders got canceled for not following this rule. The site is loading incredibly slow, so keep refreshing that page and perhaps if you’re lucky you’ll get thru…

If any lucky individuals were able to purchase some pieces online, drop by and let me know what you got! If not there’s always tomorrow’s launch in stores! I will probably swing by to check it out…will def report back!

If you can’t get anything online or in stores…there’s always eBay…


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