2007 WNBA Uniforms by adidas

2007 WNBA Uniforms by adidas

Tuesday, May 1, 2007 by Wendy Lam

For all the ladies that luv basketball and fans of WNBA, here is your opportunity to get your hands on these limited edition WNBA ProCut Jerseys, the same jerseys your favorite WNBA players wear on court. Starting today, these will be available on WNBAStore.com until May 19th, retailing at $300. The new WNBA uniforms will also be available at the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue, NYC on May 25th. The season kicks off May 19th and preseason starts tomorrow. WNBA introduces adidas‘ patented ClimaLite, a high-performance fabric technology to regulate body temperature. The redesign of the uniforms was a collaborative effort between the WNBA, WNBA teams and players and adidas. The aesthetic is derived from bold tribal prints and “superhero” patterns – ie: lighting bolts, constellation stars, planetary rings, sunbursts, hornets nests, a graphic city-scape, etc. The new uniform is an extension of what adidas does best – a fusion of fashion and function. More Jerseys after the jump…


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