UNIQLO T-Shirt – 04.28.2007

UNIQLO T-Shirt – 04.28.2007

Monday, April 30, 2007 by Wendy Lam

As promised, on Saturday I went to UNIQLO to check out the UNIQLO T-Shirts, before entering the store everyone that passed me or walked in Soho were holding a UNIQLO shopping bag. As I was searching thru the t-shirts for my size, to my suprise the men’s t-shirts went as small as XXS. I don’t like my t-shirts too tiny especially for the Summer, so I went with a XS. In the main level, where all the men’s t-shirts were, there were tons of people hovering it, looking for their sizes and which styles to pick up, but in the lower level where the women’s t-shirts were placed, there were just a few. All the tees are $15.50, there were flip flops with artist prints on them too…but I wasn’t feelin’ them. I picked up a few tees, check them out after the jump…

What I bought…

this was the only women’s t-shirt i picked up…


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