Under My Umbrella…

Under My Umbrella…

Friday, April 27, 2007 by Wendy Lam


Today’s the perfect weather for Rihanna’s new song, UMBRELLA. A few weeks ago when I first heard this song, I was like what the…why does this Rihanna song sound so familiar? Then I realized she’s trying to mimic The Cranberries with the “eh eh eh”…? Listen for yourself and you’ll see what I mean, regardless I think its a pretty cute song.

This weather is seriously depressing, I couldn’t get up in the morning and its so dark and gloomy outside! But as I looked through my closet today trying to find a jacket suitable, my Stella McCartney x H&M Trench Coat was staring right at me, believe it or its my first time wearing it…I sorta forgot about it for awhile haha. I have both the brown and the pinkish/nude one, I wore the pinkish one today…ah so lovely! Now I can’t wait to get off work and shop…


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