Yellow Fever @ Zara

Yellow Fever @ Zara

Thursday, April 19, 2007 by Wendy Lam

After work on Monday, as I was walking to H&M I passed by Zara…so I decided to pay a visit (I haven’t went in for a few months) b/c this yellow dress has been on my mind after I saw the campaign pics. I seriously didn’t think there would be any left since its such a cute dress and things come and go at Zara. But lucky me I found one last size small hanging there very lonely…one flaw…there is a (barely noticeable) lipstick mark on the collar. I just hate when people try on clothes and mess it up, so annoying! I tried it on and it looked quite cute but makes me look a lil preggers…but then again most of the dresses this season seems to be aiming towards that look. I copped it b/c I know I’ll regret if I don’t, since I don’t wear sleeveless clothing…I have to find a perfect way to match this! Perhaps a cute lil cardigan will do…there’s some testing to do…but I’ll find a way! I can’t wait to pair these wil cute lil red pumps…hopefully I’ll figure it out soon.

Zara seems to have yellow fever, the whole store is basically stocked up in yellow gear…I picked out a few pieces but didn’t get any. I also chose a few non-yellow pieces that I thought were pretty cute also…check them out after the jump… 

The Yellows…



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