Outfit 04.18.2007 ~ Missbehave’n

Outfit 04.18.2007 ~ Missbehave’n

Thursday, April 19, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Went out to the Missbehave Issue #3 Launch Party @ Love yesterday with Mae and RB…it was nice finally meeting ya Jennie! I luv’d the idea of the candy room, popcorn, cotton candy and sweets were available at the party…I sure enjoyed my cotton candy! I finally had an excuse to rock my sequin dress…omg I luv it…until next time…

Jacket: H&M
Sequin Dress: H&M
Black Opaque Tights: Wolford
Blue Satin Pumps: H&M
Gold Cuff Bangle: H&M
Heart Necklace: H&M
Red Bag: Vintage Chanel 

Once again…all H&M’d out…damn can I get some sponsorship from H&M already? haha!

getting grouchy outside…

Tokens of entrance…

Missbehave’n with Mae

waterfall…in the middle of nowhere

Candy room…

getting my cotton candy…


damn haven’t had one for a min!

Mae all excited about her popcorn and cotton candy!

the dark room…


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