H&M Luv #52 – 03.23.2007

H&M Luv #52 – 03.23.2007

Monday, April 2, 2007 by Wendy Lam

H&M @ 51st Street & 5th Ave

Just as I was thought I was going to walk out of H&M empty-handed, I went up to the 2nd floor and saw the Organic Cotton Collection, I almost forgot about it. I absolutely LUV the collection, I bought almost all the pieces…its more expensive but the styles are so cute. If you guys haven’t checked the collection out yet, you def have to…there were a few other pieces I wanted but didn’t have my size that day, I’ll be checking back from time to time…peep my buys and picks after the jump…


$69.90 ~ luv this green trench, it reminds me of the Stella McCartney for H&M trench

$49.90 ~ remember all those posters with this cute shirt…finally hit stores!

$19.90 ~ Organic Cotton…I luv long tops

$49.90 ~ Organic Cotton – luv the print and color of this pinafore/jumper

$34.90(?) ~ Organic Cotton off the shoulder dress…super cute!

$34.90 (?) ~ Organic Cotton dress…

Organic Cotton…I copped the black romper…so cute!

Organic Cotton…dark denim dress…



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