H&M Luv #49 – 03.06.2007

H&M Luv #49 – 03.06.2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 by Wendy Lam

H&M @ 51st Street / 5th Ave

I was majorly damaged two weeks ago at H&M (well always haha), a lot of nice Spring/Summer dresses started rolling into the store. I bought so many and they weren’t cheap neither, they’re all priced at $49.90 – $69.90…but they were too nice to pass. Tons of bright colors with nice patterns on the dresses, ahhh how wonderful to be a gurl! I can’t wait till the weather gets warmer, after our big snow storm, hopefully we get a break real soon.

FYI: If I didn’t provide the prices, that means I can’t remember and I’m not home to double check. I will not be responding to any price questions, but feel free to ask and may be someone else can answer them. Peep my buys and picks after the jump…


also comes in a long dress which only 6′ and above women can fit lolz haha

bought the black one

bought the navy one

bought the pink one


also comes in grey

kid’s dept @ 34th Street


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