10.Deep Spring ’07 Preview Event

10.Deep Spring ’07 Preview Event

Monday, March 19, 2007 by Wendy Lam

me & lanie – shorties rule haha!

Despite the horrible weather last Friday, I still trekked out to the 10.Deep event…I wasn’t going to let the snow ruin my Friday. I  had to go out and about after a hard week of work…just chilled and chatted with some peeps! I’ve seen all the new gear at Magic last month but its good to connect with peeps once in awhile. I wasn’t the only crazy one, the event was packed with people from all over, Meka, Yu-Ming/Freshness, Lanie/Hellz Bellz, Candace, DJ Clark Kent, etc. were all there mingling. Guests that were invited got to choose $200 worth of goods from their Spring ’07 collection (thank you!)…I didn’t want to get stuck in the storm and had other plans so jetted early…more pics after the jump…

me & meka

Yu-Ming & Meka

gurl that I thought dressed very cute…luv her boots!

the women’s gear…



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