Fafi for LeSportsac Party

Fafi for LeSportsac Party

Friday, March 16, 2007 by Wendy Lam

me & gabriella/mama

The weather was mad shitty yesterday, but I had a nice night out at the Fafi for LeSportsac event. Hit up the event with Yu-Ming/Freshness and Gabriella/Mama, LeSportsac was selling the bags on the spot, copped me the Bitsy for my Sidekick (perfect fit!). There were cute Fafi gurlz serving drinks with Twizzler straws and mini cupcakes to the guests and Fafi dolls and bags frozen in a block. The bags are too cute, you guys should check it out. Tons of ladies rockin’ H&M there, lucky I opted for all black haha. Fafi showed up as I was about to leave so didn’t get to see her perform, I left to head up to the Swagger party. It was pouring, but just a few blocks away from the Fafi party, there was a huge cheese line when we got there, didn’t wanna stick around so we called it a night, oh wells! I am def looking forward to the Stella McCartney for LeSportsac collab in Spring 2008!! There’s more fun tonight…in the meantime peep the pics after the jump!


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