H&M Luv #46 – 02.26.2007

H&M Luv #46 – 02.26.2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007 by Wendy Lam

H&M @ 51st St / 5th Avenue

So swamped at work today and I got tons of stuff to finish since I’m leaving early for my 3rd wisdom tooth surgery today (yikes!). I’ve been going to H&M too frequently last February so I think I’m going to limit myself this month haha, well may be until the M by Madonna releases, I just want a few pieces from that collection. Everytime I go into H&M I hardly leave empty handed, let’s just leave it at that haha. Enjoy the pics!

tonsssssssss of printed hoodies!


BUYS – I may be a bit off with the prices since I’m just trying to remember on top of my head

$59.90 – finally found my size in these! soooooo cute!

$49.90 ~ sooooooo cute, nice for spring/summer


$29.90 ~ this is similar to the previous one I bought, but way darker and thinner, I returned the other one and kept this one…the price is almost 1/2 too haha

$29.90 – $34.90 ~ too cute, i have the black and just had to have this color too

$34.90 ~ dark skinny jeans for a good price!


$49.90 – $69.90 ~ this is really nice but i thought it was just a bit pricey!

$49.90 – $69.90


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