Alexander McQueen x PUMA Sneaker Wedge

Alexander McQueen x PUMA Sneaker Wedge

Friday, March 9, 2007 by Wendy Lam

You didn’t read wrong, nor is it a typo, these new Alexander McQueen x PUMA sneakers has a hidden wedge to give you a lift. Most of the gurls I know don’t like rockin’ kickz b/c it doesn’t boost their height, if you’re short you know what I mean, but I obviously don’t care too much about the height issues. These may be a good solution, the butterfly ones are pretty cute. If you happen to try these on, drop by and let us know how much “taller” you grew. Peep the bigger pics after the jump…

Summer Kori, about $300

Embroider Kori, about $250

Photography: ???/Next


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