Vintage Spots #12 – Buffalo Exchange

Vintage Spots #12 – Buffalo Exchange

Wednesday, March 7, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Buffalo Exchange
504 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Text: Assata

IM BACK!!  Yea I’ve been on a hiatus but I’m back guys and with a little twist.  I found a few vintage spots for you “old schoolers” but get this… they’re all ONLINE!  If this weather has been kicking your butt the way it’s been kicking mine, you’ll be glad to hear there are some places you can shop strictly vintage from HOME!  I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel buying vintage pants or sweaters (I have long legs and arms) online, especially vintage but a few of these places have the greatest handbags and jewelry I’ve ever seen AND in pretty good condition.  Take a look!
The Buffalo Exchange has stores throughout the US but its only store in New York is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  They have an online store through eBay…shop now!


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