H&M Luv #45 – 02.23.2007

H&M Luv #45 – 02.23.2007

Tuesday, March 6, 2007 by Wendy Lam

H&M @ 5th Avenue

Ahh…I’ve been extremely busy these days so this is a bit late, but better than nuttin’ right? As usual my H&M shopping spree happens mostly after work on Fridays, so here it is again. I did a lot of damage last week, not much picks b/c I bought almost everything I took into the fitting room haha. My arm was breaking and the staff at the fitting room made a comment which pissed me off, “do you have enuff?” LIKE WTF, I’m giving you business…I said, “Well, NOT REALLY!” I’m so glad I got a pair of oxfords! H&M also introduced their new line of lingerie called, Our Perfect, I haven’t tried any yet. If anyone did let us know how it fits! Anyways enuff of the BS, I still LUV H&M…peep the goods after the jump…


$39.90 – luv the flow of this dress esp the sleeves and collar line…

super cute…ada say it reminds her of a nun haha but regardless i luv it

$19.90 ~ good for work, also comes in beige and black

luv the flowers!

$14.90 or $19.90 ~ luv nylon leggings

got this in the blue too…

kinda cute soo…went with it

luv this…the print is so kewl…

$29.90 ~ i luv eyelet stuff…

comes in black too…i just thought it was cute haha

$39.90 ~ faux snakeskin…luv pumps!

$49.90 ~ finally a pair of oxfords…ahhh


$49.90 ~ nice skirt and details but it was quite expensive


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