Outfit 02.10.2007 ~ Hoodie Day

Outfit 02.10.2007 ~ Hoodie Day

Saturday, February 10, 2007 by Wendy Lam

First off, thank you to Dave & Chris White for the hoodie, its mad cute! It was great seeing you guys Thursday at the Roca Wear x Cherry Coke event (will post pics soon), Dave your painting is dope! Too bad I couldn’t join you guys for dinner, ya’ll know I can’t eat at the moment. But we’ll bump heads again soon, I saw you guys I think 5 times last year haha. Anyways, its mad brick out today, so I’m all bundled up and ready to do some shopping (again haha). Remember to stay warm and don’t get sick, everyone sick around me…damn!

Coat: Zara
Hoodie: Dave White x Trust Nobody
Jeans: True Religion
Kickz: Nike Court Force Hi
Black Bag: Balenciaga First


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