The PUMA Lydia Bag by Heatherette

The PUMA Lydia Bag by Heatherette

Thursday, February 8, 2007 by Wendy Lam

PUMA has teamed up with model and young fashion icon Lydia Hearst to create this limited edition The PUMA Lydia Bag, only 100 bags will be made with most bags given to personal friends of Hearst. The bag was co-designed with Heatherette‘s Richie Rich and Traver Rains, which is a custom version of the PUMA’s French 77 Racket Bag. This bag was first seen at Heatherette’s Over The Rainbow fashion show on Tuesday. Available in three colors: Delicate, Night and Wild…which one do you like? I luv the gold and pink one, I would rock it with a heartbeat!! I’ve been told its so hot that it was actually stolen at the afterparty, don’t I wish I stole it haha j/k.

Not a friend of Hearst, then get prepared to visit The PUMA Black Stores in NYC and Tokyo in May to snatch yourself one. Can’t wait that long? Hearst will also auction the PUMA Lydia Bag by Heatherette at the Designers for Darfur Charity on February 9th. There’s no set price on these yet, but expect it to be $500+! More pics after the jump…


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