H&M Luv #40 – 02.02.2007

H&M Luv #40 – 02.02.2007

Wednesday, February 7, 2007 by Wendy Lam

H&M @ 51st Street & 5th Ave

If you haven’t noticed Friday nights after work is my usual H&M day before I go out to dinner or other plans. I bought quite a few things last Friday lots of cute things in store now. I am in pain today, I just had my 2nd impacted wisdom tooth extracted yesterday and I wanna die! This time it is very painful due to how it was positioned and my roots were twisted…gosh!!! Hopefully I’ll recover soon and be able to eat again, I’m going to be eating congee and soup for the rest of the week…blah! But I might get skinny haha, that’s one of the good things, but hell I rather not be in pain!! Just wanted to share my sad story and get some luv haha, I got 2 more to remove on the top and I’ll be done!!

Anyways, suprisingly the store was not packed last Friday, not sure whats going on b/c its almost a given every Friday I walk in, theres a swarm of shoppers. Perhaps its too cold? Regardless, I enjoyed my shopping with less people haha, peep my buys and picks after the jump…

of course the denim dress I kept talking about, look how great it looks on!!

I wanted this jacket but didn’t have my size


$14.90 – i bought the ivory flats, they were cheap, great for work and with a pair of skinnies

$19.90 – i bought both of them, they felt mad comfy and luv the style!

forgot how much, the eyelet cropped tops looked so cute on haha I couldn’t decide which one so i bought both haha

$19.90 (if i remembered correctly) – nice metallic silver and heather grey top

forgot the price – i chose this inside of the black/grey…purple will be seen a lot

forgot the price – yesssss the stripes again, luv the pockets and the 3/4 sleeves

$49.90 – yeah! they had my sizeeeee so yup, i’ll wear it may be this weekend haha


this was cute but the material looked weird on me…too stretchy…

comes in purple too


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