Preview of M by Madonna for H&M – Part 2

Preview of M by Madonna for H&M – Part 2

Monday, January 29, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Here’s another preview of what’s in the M by Madonna for H&M collection hittin’ stores in March. I am still not aroused with what I see. The trench is def a no no for me, there’s nuttin’ special about it…actually everything I see so far. I guess Madonna’s concept for this collection is focused on a less trendy but more of a classic look that will not be dated. Her pieces seemed to be geared towards “needed” rather than in fashion. That’s just my wild guess, don’t quote me on it. Actually these pieces are great for the corporate working ladies. I’m still trying to keep a positive mind, hopefully there’s “something” in this collection that will make me say, “WOW, I WANT THIS!” Thanks to my reader, Jhoanna for sending these over. More pics after the jump…

edit: image of lingerie removed…thanks to nimi & bonny for the clarification.


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