Di Fara Pizzeria – 01.13.2007

Di Fara Pizzeria – 01.13.2007

Friday, January 26, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Di Fara Pizzeria
1424 Avenue J
Btn 14th & 15th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230

The Scene
Dominic De Marco’s takeout pizza parlor hasn’t changed much in four decades. Potted herbs still grow in the sun-bathed windows; the counter conversations are loud and in Italian; and the few wood tables still wobble–though they seat more city folks. While his three children expedite orders, Mr. De Marco cooks in a world of his own, glancing up only at the recognition of regulars’ voices. – Citysearch

The Food
No one does it like this anymore: After stretching homemade dough, Mr. De Marco swirls his sprightly sauce, meticulously hand-grates three kinds of fresh mozzarella and drizzles olive oil over the top. Once in the oven (electric, mind you), he shifts pies every few seconds to attain nicely-charred, chewy crust perfection. Both options–thin, roundish, Neopolitan-style pies with puffed edges, and thicker, cheesier rectangular ones–get a sprinkle of shaved Grana Padano and fresh basil before serving. Even slices are superb: He shaves on the mozzarella before reheating. – Citysearch

B took me here for the 2nd time, forgot to bring my camera the 1st time so I never reported about it. This is the BEST pizza I’ve ever had and its my FAVORITE. Be prepared to WAIT at LEAST 45 mins (if you’re lucky) to an hour (or more) for even a slice of pizza. There is no good time to go to avoid the crowd, it is busy when it opens till it closes. The first time I went there, I waited about 30 mins to order, then waited for about another hour to get my pie, yes 1.5 hours. The second time (this time), I went there waited about 30 mins to order and about 30 mins to get my 2 rounds and 2 squares, 1 hour. It was too crowded to eat there, and I couldn’t wait till I get home so we dogged it in the car. But let me tell you even if its 2 hours wait, it is DEFINITELY WORTH IT! The pizza is soooooooooooooooooooo delicious, I’m dreaming about it right this min. Don’t even bother calling, the phone rings and rings and if you’re lucky they’ll have a min to pick up your call. But don’t think you’re slick by ordering on the phone, you still have to wait 30 mins to an hour even when you arrive haha. All pizzas are made by the owner, Dominic, he is constantly making pies, and the pizza is more expensive but of course b/c they use the good stuff. Highly recommended, but don’t go when you’re starving! Peep the good stuff after the jump…


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