Love is in the Air….

Love is in the Air….

Thursday, January 25, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Tribute Patchwork Bag

Love is in the air…under Marc Jacobs’ brilliant designs Louis Vuitton is releasing quite a few interesting bags this season. I am admiring this Tribute Patchwork Bag, it releases in stores in February and I’m sure it will not even hit the floors. Probably all waitlisted already…sigh! If you can get one, its perfect for Valentine’s Day. This bag consists of 15 different bags and both sides of the bags are different, you can use one side one day, flip it and its a brand new bag the next! Also, the Blue Monogram Denim Patchwork Bowling bag is far better than the denim bags they previously released…hot!

Of course you can’t forget about the Love Totes that Scarlett Johansson was posin’ with, check out those flower pattern gold wedge shoes too…those are so gurly! I’m not a very gurly gurl, but the tull dress, puff sleeves, corset top, bubble skirts, ruffed details, etc. all are so pretty. Ahh, definitely sweetness.

I’ve always liked LV accessories, their new red Monogram Vernis Pomme D’amous Pote Monnae Coeur Coin bag is to die for, I want one! Check that lil Inclusion Speedy crystal keychain, it’ll look hot on my LV bags. There’s also a more subtle coin bag called Porte Monnaie Rond if you don’t like it too flashy. And for the brooch lovers there’s the That’s Love ivory crystal pin…super cute!

For the polka dot lovers, there’s a bags coming out. And for the infamous Gold Cuir Tresse GM Tote aka Blue/White/Red Chinatown Bags, those will be released too…I wonder how much it will cost. More bags and details after the jump…

Tribute Patchwork Bag / the flip side of the bag

Inclusion Speedy crystal keychain, about $245 | Monogram Vernis Pomme D’amous Pote Monnae Coeur Coin bag, about $350

Porte Monnaie Rond coin bag, TBA

That’s Love ivory crystal pin, TBA

Polka Dots Bloom bag

Polka Dots Panama Bowling bag

Gold Cuir Tresse GM Tote

Monogram Canvas Riveting bag, about $1950

Blue Monogram Denim Patchwork Bowling bag

this is for the boys…a bit too feminine?

gifts for the Singapore guests invited to 2007 fashion show…lucky!!!

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