More Cuteness From Mercibeaucoup,

More Cuteness From Mercibeaucoup,

Friday, January 19, 2007 by Wendy Lam

top, about $335 | skirt, about $385

More cuteness from Japanese brand Mercibeaucoup, I’m a fan of her goods. I don’t own any pieces b/c they’re not available in the States (in my knowledge) and they are extremely pricey. Her pieces are very fun and cute, lots of HK and Japanese celebs rock it, I don’t think the American celebs caught on yet. Definitely very playful and trendy clothing, I just wished the prices weren’t so high! Hopefully in the future she can do a collab with like…H&M? Haha don’t I wish! Peep the other pieces after the jump… 

dress, about $460 – luv this dress!!

skirt, about $460

jacket, about $335 

shorts, about $295

sleeveless top, about $350

skirt, about $385

stripe top, about $450

pants, about $320

Photography: ???/Next


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