Viktor & Rolf – Real or Fake?

Viktor & Rolf – Real or Fake?

Tuesday, January 9, 2007 by Wendy Lam

On January 1st, Joey Yung, a very famous HK singer, whom I like a lot wore this “Viktor & Rolf” outfit to an award ceremony. I personally don’t like this outfit, especially not with those crystal leggings. It is very ballroom and it’s not flattering on her at all. Her style is usually not that bad (let me remind you she is in HK haha)…but this is definitely a MISS to me! Regardless, I still LUV her voice…and her songs…not much are as talented as she is.

The question is, do you think she’s rockin’ Viktor & Rolf or is it a FAKE? Let the fun begin…

The Answer: For those that said its a FAKE, you’re right! She couldn’t find it in HK so she asked her designer/tailor to make a copy…how embarrassing, she stepped on stage many times to claim awards…uhhh! It’s all over the Chinese newspapers and all the Chinese forums are talking about it (says in the news, I’m not sure which forums)…they also said it wasn’t her first time “copying”! DAMN! Def bad news for her…but still publicity…she made front page news haha…oops!


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