The Secret Reveals…

The Secret Reveals…

Saturday, January 6, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Kate Bosworth | H&M Dress

Photography: Jen

I couldn’t wait for my friend to take the picture of the H&M babydoll dress to compare with Kate Bosworth’s. I stopped by H&M a few days ago and spotted one of the red babydoll dresses left. If you just look at it you probably think its the same dress, but when you analyze it a bit more you will notice that the red dress has pleats and the black one doesn’t! Hahah oh wells, there’s the answer, it is def a good copy of the original!

edit: Ok, ok so I told you I returned my black one and couldn’t find it again (it doesn’t fit me haha) at H&M, but thanks to JEN for taking a pic for me. So my FIRST instinct was RIGHT…(may be still 1% in doubt haha), I did think she was rockin’ the H&M dress but Carla said it might not be b/c she saw it at Barneys. Sigh, I wish I can call Kate up and ask her haha. Someone please TELL US, we’re all dying to know FOR SURE haha.


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