Charlene Choi Rockin’ H&M

Charlene Choi Rockin’ H&M

Thursday, January 4, 2007 by Wendy Lam

I just spotted this pic of Charlene Choi (Twins) rockin’ this black/white H&M sweater dress recently. If you remember one of my outfit posts, I’ve worn this before. I luv spottin’ celebs wearing H&M haha, I assume she has a buyer or friend in the states or somewhere that carries H&M b/c the HK shop haven’t opened yet. This is not a new dress neither, it’s a few months old!

I’m so weird, I feel so “proud” when I spot people on the streets or in pics wearing H&M haha…I’m such an addict! I wish H&M can make me their Brand Advocate/Ambassador haha…that would be HOT!


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