Gucci 2007 Cruise Collection…Part 2

Gucci 2007 Cruise Collection…Part 2

Tuesday, January 2, 2007 by Wendy Lam

bowling bag, about $1000

Previously I’ve posted some of the “older” looking handbags for Gucci 2007 Cruise Collection and was quite disappointed with those. Now here’s a set of some “younger” looking stuff, still not too impressed by it but it’s simple and wearable. Gucci chose my favorite color, blue for their theme, very “cruisy” looking. I’m liking the blue/white slip ons (below post)…simple and easy to match. More pics after the jump…

large tote, about $565 | small tote, about $540 | cosmetic bag, about $225

slip on, about $330

slippers, about $160

sandals, about $870

sandals, about $1020

leather bag, about $2020

loafers, about $445

sneaker, about $335

Photography: ??? – Next


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