Fendi Gondola Bag

Fendi Gondola Bag

Tuesday, January 2, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Gondola Bag, about $1650 | Fur Ball Pin (top right), about $165 | Fur Bag, TBA

This Fendi Gondola Bag and Fur Bag would have been perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve party, great for parties. You wouldn’t want to be lugging around a huge bag (like me) at a party haha, so inconvenient especially if you can’t check it in (I wouldn’t recommend it anyways, they’ll prolly steal it and say it’s lost…oops) and it’s not too safe to leave it in your car either, there’s always “thieves” watching your every move (I know, I’ve got my bag stolen in a car before). These lil bags can be strung around your wrist or arm and you can still get your groove on without knocking someone in the head (yes, I’ve been knocked a few times by idiots!! I yelled at them ahhaha).

This brand new Gondola bag is made with black silk, gold metal ornaments and the straps are made with twisted ropes and tassles…very antique looking and has an Asian feel to it. This piece is too delicate for me, I kinda like the Fur Bag, but I’m scared PETA’s gonna go after me =X.

Photography: SC Media


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