Who Rocked It Better?

Who Rocked It Better?

Friday, December 29, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Gillian Chung || Yumiko Cheng

I don’t find much HK celebs that can dress well, not even if they’re styled by the local stylists (just my opinion). But there’s a handful of them that can handle themselves. I’ll do a report on who I think has good style prolly after the holidays haha. But in the meantime, who do you think rocked this cute furry Tsumori Chisato coat better? I personally vote for Gillian, nice and simple. On the other hand, Yumiko looks ridiculous with those giant shades, looks like her forehead was rockin’ it haha. It’s way too high up…doesn’t even touch the nose…oops! This coat is sooooooo cute, it goes for about $500, my hun Carla saw it when she was in Japan. It’s not real fur so PETA won’t go after them haha. What’s your pick?


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