Dr. Scholl’s Heel Liners ~ Your Feet’s BFF

Dr. Scholl’s Heel Liners ~ Your Feet’s BFF

Thursday, December 28, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Dr. Scholl’s Heel Liners have been my feet’s bff for a long time, I meant to introduce these to you guys for a hot min already…just kept on forgetting! These are one of the best creations ever, it prevents blisters and keeps heels from slipping and rubbing. If you wear a lot of pumps and flats, this is a must-have. Usually the heel always gives me blisters and when I walk it slips on and off, mad annoying! I copped like 20 pairs of these (can’t be peeled off and placed in other shoes, if you stick it on that’s it…unless you’re trashing them), put them on all my shoes to keep my feet happy haha!


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