Marc Jacobs Accessories

Marc Jacobs Accessories

Wednesday, December 27, 2006 by Wendy Lam

marc rhinestone bangles, about $75 each

I’ve always been a fan of Marc Jacobs accessories, especially the hairties. But I haven’t been buying any, I’m always too lazy to pop them on, I usually just rush to work and when it comes to lunch I use my cheap H&M ties haha. I’m also spoiled with H&M accessories, they’re so cheap and nice, so I tend not to spend too much money on accessories anymore. Plus not much time to accessorize, especially the early workdays. But I do spend on my Juicy Charms haha. I’ve seen rhinestones on bangles and haircubes before, ie. Louis Vuitton, but I haven’t seen embossed letters on accessories, have you? Kinda remind me a bit of graffiti, dontcha think? Check out some of his new accessories after the jump…

marc rhinestone bangle, about $90

marc rhinestone headband, about $100

embossed headband, about $90

embossed haircube, about $75

embossed hairclip, about $90

embossed bangle, about $90

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