Japanese Brand: Heavenart

Japanese Brand: Heavenart

Friday, December 22, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Heavenart Vest, about $80; Nanette Lepore Top, about $240; Heavenart Shorts, about $80 | Heavenart Buttonup, about $70; Heavenart Plaid Shorts, about $100

Heavenart is a Japanese brand that targets young females, their clothing is very young and chic. My friend sent over these asking me if I wanted to talk about it, but I searched thru the web and couldn’t find anything about it. Their stuff kinda reminds me of Mango and Zara mixed together. You can find Heavenart in one of the hippest malls in Japan, Shibuya 109, I went there many many years ago and their ish is so trendy and I was just amazed there…I miss Tokyo…blah!!! Japan is very acceptive with all different kinds of trends and styles, you’re never really categorized as “weird” there, which is what I luv. Courage to try all sorts of styles and mix and match is one of the best there. Anyways, peep a few more of the Heavenart stuff after the jump…

about $70

about $200

about $90

Photography: ???
via Sudden Mag (HK)


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