Vogue.fr Hearts nitro:licious

Vogue.fr Hearts nitro:licious

Thursday, December 21, 2006 by Wendy Lam

I’ve been feelin’ some luv lately, first Jill hearts nitro:licious, now French Vogue hearts me too! I can’t begin to tell you how honored I am because Vogue is my favorite fashion magazine of all times! I was mad happy when I received an email from French Vogue requesting an interview to be part of their online article, Blogs de Mode, even though this piece is in French you guys should still check it out! Show some luv to your gurl here! Just wanted to thank all you guys for the continuous support, lifted me up when I felt like no one gives a sh*t about this blog and of course thank you to Vogue.fr. Keep supporting me, luv you guys!! Now go on and read about nitro:licious on Vogue.fr!!

I decided to post the translation to the interview…my answers are kinda lame, but its all goods! I’ve added additional comments after my answers with “*”, they’re not in the interview haha, just my lil babbles. Read the English version after the jump…

Who are you?
Wendy L. aka retrogurl

Can you draw your self portrait in 5-10 lines?
Yes, I’m a very simple gurl! *I think I got the wrong idea of this questions haha, I actually thought they meant “draw” lolz…its all goods!*

What is your relation to fashion (are you a professional)?
I like to shop and read fashion blogs and magazines. *I wish I was a professional, any celebs wanna hire me as stylist or buyer? haha*

When and how did you start blogging?
Feb 21, 2006. I started blogging because a lot of my friends encouraged me to do it. Mainly because of my passion for fashion and trends.

What is your blog motto?
I go by Coco Chanel’s motto: “I want to be part of what is going to happen.”

Can you tag its main topics? (10-20 words)
fashion, styling, trends, sneakers, h&m, celebs, handbags, shoes, accessories, eating out.

What was your blog moment of glory?
When I received a special invitation to attend one of Nike’s influencer events. The special Nike Air Force 1 25th Anniversary Celebration where Nas, Kanye West, Rakim, KRS One…also attended. *Yes, yes…it might not mean a lot to others, but it means a lot to me!!*

What was your year 2006s favorite fashion moments?
The must-have extra-large totes, especially the Chanel Coco Cabas Tote in Patent/Vinyl (I own one).

Which are your favorite fashion magazines in the world?
VOGUE, TEEN VOGUE, VIVI (Japanese), US Magazine, Star Magazine

How many hours do you spend blogging on a daily basis?
many many hours…*that’s right, too many to count!*

How many visitors come daily on your blog?
no comment

What is your blog income? and your 2007 forecast?
no comment

Have you already get ticket to attend fashion shows?
No, I appreciate it if anyone wants to invite me =) *Any designers want to invite me to Fashion Week? heehee*

How do you see bloggers future? (Becoming journalists, sitting next to them, or staying far away from them?)
Staying far away from them.

Who are fellows bloggers you appreciate the most?
Yu-Ming @ Freshness, he was the one that encouraged me to start my blog. *Thanks for all the help and endless answers to my questions about blogging! YM is def a STAR, he helped me from day 1, pushed my lazya$$ to get ish done and basically forced me to blog haha, now I can’t stand a day w/o blogging…greatly appreciate it!*

Any comment to add?
please check out my other site, Handbag Locator. *You know I had to say this haha*


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