Keep ‘Em Gold Accessories On…

Keep ‘Em Gold Accessories On…

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Fendi Necklace, about $240

All I wear nowadays are gold accessories, whether its real gold or fake ones. I’m luvin’ the gold accessories from Fendi, matter of fact I have 2 nameplate necklaces (Wendy), 2 nameplate rings (Wendy & Nitro) and an anklet (Nitro). My LiL Fusion bought me a pinky ring and an anklet with my nickname, Nitro on it! I aint that obsessive with myself haha. I think I can take some of these out and put them in good use, mixed with my other gold jewels. I’m also liking Anna Sui‘s English Soldiers earrings and necklace set, sooo damn cute! Check out the Salvatore Ferragamo stuff, very gurly…more after the jump…

Fendi Pin, about $230

Fendi Ring, about $150

Fendi Phone Strap, about $125

Fendi Bracelet, about $200

Fendi Bracelet, about 125

Salvatore Ferragamo Bracelet, about $205

Salvatore Ferragamo Bracelet, about $190

Salvatore Ferragamo Bracelet, about $175

Anna Sui Earrings, about $130 | Necklace, about $165

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