H&M Luv #30 – 12.08.2006

H&M Luv #30 – 12.08.2006

Monday, December 11, 2006 by Wendy Lam

copped this jacket back in November

I just realized I didn’t post any H&M Luvz  in November, my bads! Here’s an update, I actually bought a lot more stuff the last couple of weeks, especially on Black Friday…oops! You’ll get to see it in my outfit posts haha. The stores are super packed since the holidays are just around the corner, but somehow I never get annoyed in H&M haha, its just the luv nah means? I am so pissed I didn’t get the corset from the Christmas Lingerie collection, they were all sold out when I went shopping with Doris on 12.01 (she wanted me to go with her to H&M, heehee she needed some fashion advice from me, how flattering! muahs!) but I managed to grab Ada one in an XS hehe, that was the last one left sigh. Peep the goodies I got after the jump…

I am addicted to knitted berets…I musta bought like 5 so far hehe…still more to come!

I bought this in both white & black…so cute it…

accessories I bought…these were all from the mens side…so odd…I would never let my boyz rock these. they’re so gurly haha

super cute!! copped these also

copped this lipstick top

copped both of these tops too, one in brown and one in grey…


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