Reebok Custom – Ventilator

Reebok Custom – Ventilator

Thursday, November 16, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Reebok makes retro-styling a breeze this fall with the debut of the VENTILATOR on A true Classic bring back from the 90s, the Reebok Ventilator will launched on November 8th for a suggested retail price of $120 with options such as patent leather, suede, faux furs and crocodile.

Peep the custom site to make your pair, luv the fact that it has faux fur and croc!!! I luv the leopard! Stay tuned for more pics…

Read the fun facts after the jump…

Fun Facts:

  • WWW.RBKCUSTOM.COM is Reebok’s e-commerce footwear web site that provides consumers with the opportunity to step into the shoes of designers literally!
  • RbkCustom offers consumers a unique, interactive footwear design experience. On the site, consumers can completely customize their shoes to reflect his or her personal style.  
  • Consumers can customize every inch of the shoe – from the tongue to the sole with fun colors, textures and personalized names and numbers.
  • The site allows consumers to rotate their customized shoe 360 degrees in two dimensions. In addition, RbkCustom offers consumers a glimpse of what the kicks will look like on their feet paired with jeans.
  • RbkCustom is FAST! Every choice made by the RbkCustom consumer is instant.  There is no wait time when creating a customized shoe as the site offers on average a 2 milli-second response time on the site.  And, better yet, the consumers receive their new kicks in a speedy 7-10 days!
  • Consumers can save their shoes in a virtual closet once the kicks are completed.  
  • RbkCustom also allows consumers to share their customized shoes with friends via email links.
  • RbkCustom is the ONLY footwear site that provides consumers with the opportunity to customize their kicks with features such as heel clips, lace eyelets, sole types, etc.  RbkCustom used cinematic technology to achieve this level of customization.


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