Dior Trotter Romantique

Dior Trotter Romantique

Wednesday, November 8, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Dior‘s latest collection, Dior Trotter Romantique. Crafted from Dior logo coated canvas with smooth leather trim, Dior’s elegant tote is a modern, romantic choice for day. Luxuriously soft leather, with handwritten Dior signature, is tied in a precious bow on the front while the silver metal chains give the feminine look a glamorous edge.

The bag hence the name is very gurly but I do like the one up top without the monogram prints. The heart locket on the bags is a nice addition, but I can go without the bow. Some styles are available on eLUXURY.com. More bags and accessories after the jump…

long wallet

business card holder

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