Tuesday, November 7, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Naketano is the name of an idea, a certain conception of what it is that defines truly genuine streetfashion design. On this particular subject, one will come across as many varying opinions as there are fashion designers and those who consider themselves designers.

In the eyes of Nicole Christensen, Naketano´s head designer, a fashion designer receives ultimate accolade when a piece of clothing becomes a favourite piece. When one buys and wears other garments solely to combine them with the one, the favourite piece. Whoever craves to wear one item constantly (if possible or hygienically bearable), on any occasion and in all possible and impossible combinations, awards that item´s designer to the max and, at the same time, defines the benchmark Naketano perpetually aims to reach. –

Naketano, to me is a retro-styled streetwear brand that consists of lots of bright colors and stripes. I luv the off the shoulder shirts and sweatshirt dresses, the stuff can be very versatile. Work it with a pair of kicks or rock it with some skinny jeans with your boots tucked in! Thanks for the tip Jennie, check out my picks after the jump…


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