‘Environmental Friendly’ Marc Jacobs Bag

‘Environmental Friendly’ Marc Jacobs Bag

Tuesday, November 7, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Photographer: Christina Clugston, via Nylon

Now you can be ‘environmental friendly’ while doing your grocery or weekend shopping. This Marc Jacobs bag reminds me so much of those bags, extra popular in Hong Kong. I remember while visiting HK, there was ads saying if you brought your own EF bag, you get a few bucks off your purchase…how nice! But this ought to be the most expensive EF bag, $725 to do your grocery shopping in…how does that sound? But of course this bag is a knock-off of their ‘shopping bag’, I guess people luv’d MJ’s ‘shopping bag’ so much they made it into a ‘real bag’. Luv it or hate it?


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