Subversive Jewelry

Subversive Jewelry

Friday, October 27, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Designer, Justin Giunta

All Subversive Jewelry designs are created by Justin Giunta. He has worked in different mediums for the past 5 years, ranging from painting, fashion, industry design and now jewelry, to create work that sits on the continuum of fine art and commercial design.

“In my work I am always drawing parallels between art history and modern design to explore themes of fine art and commercial design. The only difference between the two seems to be where you sell it.”

With this in mind, Subversive Jewelry plays with the idea of the baroque philosophy that more is more, and the modern idea of deconstruction in fashion. I designed each piece of jewelry with a concept behind it, so it is both aesthetic and thoughtful. –

His designs are very “exaggerated” and elegant at the same time. I really like his style and it can be worn when you’re dressed down or if you’re feelin’ a bit glam! I think his designs DEF fits Mary-Kate’s style! More pics after the jump…

P.S. I luv Amanda’s booties, they’re sooooooooo cute!!

Photographer: Matthew Lam
Model: Amanda Strang


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