Sneaker Pimps NYC – Pics & Vids

Sneaker Pimps NYC – Pics & Vids

Monday, October 16, 2006 by Wendy Lam

me . minya/miss info . friend @ Sneaker Pimps NYC (pic via Freshness)

Get some painting lessons from Dave White…peep the rest of the videos here

Sneaker Pimps NYC just happened this past Friday the 13th and it was crazy! It was way better than the one that happened in LA, Avalon is such a nice place. Even though it was super crowded, I got to see a lot of my friends. But of course some of them got lost in there…like Carra and Mama. I went around 3 times and couldn’t spot you guys haha, there were TONS of TALL MEN…haha. Anyways, after Dave White did his live painting I jetted, it was getting to crazy up in there. I could barely get out the exit, but it was a fun night. Made some vids of Dave White painting, sorry it’s so short…people just like to walk in front of me hahah and I couldn’t upload the long ones…oh wells! Peep the pics after the jump…

P.S. How many of you guys spotted me there haha? Or did you guys just notice my dope Nike x Kidrobots?

Yu-Ming/Freshness & Dave White

me & Diane/Sneaker Pimps

me & Angie/ALIFE


Kunle/IRAK . Yu-Ming/Freshness . John

Gabriella/Mama & me

me & Leah/Married to the MOB

me & Chris/Dave White

Assata (my Vintage Spots Contributor) & me

JB . me . Mdot/JB Classics . Diane/Sneaker Pimps

me & Joli

the line outside @ 11:30pm


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